Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Travel sized samples

I made my first trip since getting samples through beauty boxes.  Wonderful!  This meant I could pack small travel sized cosmetics.  In the past I would decant large products into small bottles and then they would all look the same and I need to tell my shampoo from my toner by smell.  Not always easy. 

I thought this photo was fun, although you cannot really see the cosmetics
That little bag on the left was large enough for everything I packed
Packing samples turned out to be harder than expected.  The problem was that some of my samples were really small.  Some small samples I have been using for a while and I had no idea how much was left in the tube.  This meant that I often packed more than one product to ensure I have enough.  Packing 3 samples kind of defeated the whole travel light idea and running out of an expensive product like moisturiser while on holiday would not be cool.  Packing samples I have never used before was also kind of scary.  How would I know that it would work? 

This was a different hotel.  Look - toothbrush in the hand.

All worked out well.  Nothing ran out.  Nothing was a totally horrible product I was forced to use.  But I did not like having so little choice of what to use.  I only packed one eye shadow set and that was not nice.  I did not pack my hair protector at all.  I thought I had lived for years without it, I can do it for one week.  And I really, really missed it.  I guess that says something about it.

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