Friday, 9 November 2012

Poker Straight Flat Iron Protection shine mist from Lee Stafford

A product I discovered through Rubybox is Poker Straight Flat Iron Protection shine mist from Lee Stafford.  I am not much of a hair care girl.  My hair care buys consist of shampoo and conditioner (and I believe a good conditioner is key).  I buy Rubybox as a cheap way to get cosmetics I would never buy, but also to expose me to new things I would never think of trying.  This was definitely one of those.  I loved it so much that I went out and bought myself a full size one, thereby defeating the aim of saving money.  In effect I am spending more, because I used to blow dry my hair just fine without this product.  And now I believe I need it. 

It is a watery mist you spray on your hair.  I have no idea how much you are supposed to use.  I just give one or two spritzes per bunch of hair.  It is supposed to protect your hair against the heat.  But it does so much more. 
Why I like it: 
  • It smells nice
  • It makes your hair feel soft and shiny
  • Your hair shines more
  • Your hair is easier to style.  It straightens more easily and stays straight a bit better.
If I blow dry my hair I spritz a bit on the wet hair before I start.  If I use a hot iron I spritz a bit on the dry hair just before I iron it. 
It costs about R100 for a bottle.  It can only be found in Clicks.   
Where has a hair straightener been all my life?  I am not sure whether this is just one really, really good brand or whether I would like them all.  It is on my list to try another brand as well.
Here is a review of the entire range, and a review of the spray.  Here is an interview with Lee Stafford

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