Thursday, 1 November 2012

Prevage hydrating fluid

I was very excited to use the Prevage Hydrating Fluid.  I live in Durban, where things are very moist and humid, and it was marketed as a light hydrating fluid, perfect for this kind of weather.  I thought it was just so-so.  I would use this lotion if I had it, there was absolutely nothing wrong with it, but I am sure you can buy better lotions for the price.  It is not cheap, and comes at R850 for 50 ml.  My skin did not feel super soft or super hydrated.  It felt like I needed a little bit more.  It was very non-oily, exactly as claimed.  The greatest advantage lies in the fact that this lotion moisturises without adding oiliness.  If that is very important for you, give this lotion a chance. 

The entire Prevage range is supposed to be anti-aging.  I have no idea how to evaluate whether I look younger after a few weeks of use.  I have fine lines, not really bad, but there.  And they only seem to get worse over time, regardless of what I use.  This was no exception.  Maybe with longer use one would see something.  I only used it for two weeks by the time I wrote this review.

Another pro for this product is the bottle.  It has a pump action and locks securely.  You therefore do not need to put your dirty fingers in a tub of lotion and there is no mess if you throw it in a bag.

A con is that there is no SPF in the lotion.

The manufacturer claims:  This sheer oily hydrator infuses skin with viral moisturiser.  It helps to correct the appearance of visible signs of damage left behind - fine lines, wrinkles, dark spots and discolouration.  Skin feels smooth, refreshed and beautiful. 

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