Friday, 8 February 2013

African soap

I am all for soap.  I love shopping for soap.  Just normal soap you buy for the family to use at home.   If I shop for soap I usually buy one in each colour of a specific range.  I came across an African range by Johnson's recently. 

There are about 6 fragrances.  And they look and sound just great.  Just imagine:   Relaxing Rooibos and Cape Chamomile; Energising Marula and Kigelia (I do not know what this is); Hydrating Aloe and Water Mint; Nourishing Shea Butter and Honey; Moisturising Baobab and African Jasmine; Nourishing Cocoa Butter and Honeybush; Revitalising Cape Geranium and Buchu.  The soaps were really big, at least twice the size, if not more, of a normal cake of soap.  The down side of this is that it takes a while to finish one cake of soap, so it will take me a while to try all 7 variants.  So far I have used only three:  The nourishing shea butter and honey, the blue Energising Marula and Kigelia and currently the Cape Geranium and Buchu.  The smell is subtle, but it is a very creamy soap.  It is divine. I loved them all.  The foam is rich and creamy and silky and a joy to use.

The range also comes in body lotions, body creams and a body wash which I have not tried yet. 

Here are some reviews. 

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