Friday, 22 February 2013

February Rubybox

This month my Rubybox had four things in it.


1.       A 1.5 ml sample of perfume – Cacharel catch me.  I love, love, love the perfume samples in the Rubybox.  I have an inability to choose a perfume in a shop.  This whole try perfumes at home thing works so much better for me.  If Rubyboxes consisted of perfume samples only, I would definitely be a fan.  This perfume is no exception. 

2.      The second thing was a Rubybox tweezer.  It comes nicely packaged in a box and looks like a nice tweezer.  According to the little card in the box it is worth R50.  I am not really sure that a tweezer could be worth that much.  I already own two, so I am not sure what I am supposed to do with another one.  Rubybox has been giving one tool in every box for the last few months.  I think I only need the sharpener and eye lash curler to have them all.

3.      A full size, 200 ml bottle of Piz Buin In Sun Lotion SPF10.  I have never used Piz Buin prior to Rubybox.  I received a full size bottle SPF 30 last year in a box and I love it.  I am fairly religious in buttering up my boys with sunblock, but I hate sharing my Piz Buin with them.  It smells divine and is not greasy or oily.  It feels like a lovely moisturiser when applied.  I really am in love with the Piz Buin I already have.  This one has an SPF of 10, however, which makes me a bit edgy.  I have not used anything below an SPF 20 since the 80’s.  (I remember a factor 2 or 5 as a teenager.)  I struggle to see why anyone would want to sell an SPF 10.  The card in the box said this should be used in stead of a moisturiser on days you do not plan to spend much time in the sun.  I might just do that.  This product is as nice on your skin and non oily as the one I already have.  It also smells exactly the same.

4.      There is an envelope with three Elizabeth Arden products.  A wash, serum and moisturiser.  They are each a mere 2 ml and packed in small sachets which are hard to use.  But I love fancy skin care products and look forward to testing them.  The cleanser is soft smelling (a bit of an old lady cosmetic smell, smells like something your mother would use), has exfoliating granules and does a great job of cleaning your face.  The serum was a bit of a surprise, since it looks like a moisturiser and is not oily like most serums.  It seems to work well, but it is hard to see whether it is a good product with only a use or two. 

Insert in the box

Rubybox has received a lot of criticism lately for the content of the boxes.  I was not very happy with the November and December boxes, the January one was a bit better.  This month the box I grew to love last year was back.  It had what I would like to see – an expensive skin care product, a luxury slightly larger product (does not have to be full size, but more than a sachet), and a perfume. 

You can read one review here.

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