Thursday, 28 February 2013

Dr Ndlovu body cream

Fordoun Spa sells a small range of their own spa beauty products.  They have the body lotion in all the common toilets throughout the buildings (not in the hotel rooms).  And I got to use the stunning lotion every time I washed my hands during a two day stay in the hotel.  (Clever marketing!)  I liked it so much that I popped over to the spa and bought a bottle to take home.  The bad news is that they only sell it through the spa.  I am not sure whether they would sell you a bottle over the phone if you called and asked nicely.

The brand is called Dr Ndlovu and is based on local products.  Dr Ndlovu is a local traditional healer who works with the spa to develop some of their products.  It comes in two different fragrances.  I bought the Wild Dagga one.  It has a fairly strong smell, of weeds, I guess.  The cream is fairly runny, but is silky soft when you rub it in.  It makes your skin feel really soft.

It is not cheap.  I paid R115 for 250 ml.  It comes in a lovely pump bottle.  Although I really like the products, the price is a bit much.  I think you can get equally soft and silky hands using a much cheaper product.  This one is a treat and a slightly more luxurious experience.  If you like the complex smell, the idea of using an indigenous product and to treat yourself, this is the product for you.

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