Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Tip top glitter nail polish

I recently tried Tip Top nail polish for the first time.  I also tried my very first glitter nail polish. 

The silver glitter pieces are a combination of small and large hexagon glitter pieces.  The largest has about a 2 mm diameter.  It reflects light in green, pink, blue, orange and yellow.  The silver glitter pieces are suspended in a colourless medium.  The glitter pieces are fairly sparse and you would not get a completely silver nail using this polish.  It needs to be applied over a background colour.  The background colour plays a large role in the final look of your nails. 

The thickness of the glitter on this nail was achieved with 6 coats of glitter. 
Only one coat of glitter looks more like this.

 This stuff is strong.  It lasts. I have worn it for a week.  Because the glitter is irregular, slight chips and imperfections are not really visible.  My only complaint:  This nail polish is really hard to remove.  This stuff sticks !   

It was my first experience with glittery nails.  I loved it.  I was popular with all girls under 10, even impressed a boy or two.  But a colleague did tell me that I would never again be taken seriously. 
Other reviews can be found here, here and here.  This is my New Years nails.
Tip top also has a very nice facebook page. 

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