Saturday, 16 March 2013

Sinful colors professional nail polish - Gold glitter: All about you.

My sweet sister gave me a handful of different nail colours for my birthday.  One of them was this gold.  I would not have bought it for myself, but really found it quite nice.  The glitter was fairly uneven, with a lovely texture, and a kind of fleck.  It was also a fairly dull gold, not glittery at all.   It did chip fairly easily, but it worked well to just touch up the little chips. Since the glitter was uneven, it did not look funny when you just touched up the chipped bits.  You can see on my first finger what a touched up nail looks like.  I tried using a top coat over it, but that was a complete disaster.  The nail polish just jumped off in large chunks within a day;  sometimes almost the whole nail at once.  Yikes.  I have no idea why.  You need a few layers to get this kind of coverage.  One coat gave a completely see-through glitter that looked nice over other colour nail polishes.

The colour was called:  All about you (921)

This nail polish comes in a very small bottle (a plus), is really cheap (like about R10) and I have seen it in DisChem, but not in this colour.  I have no idea where my sister bought this colour. 

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