Thursday, 28 March 2013

Sisley Eye and Lip Contour Balm

I received the Sisley Glossybox in August last year I was totally in love with the products when I first received them. I think I was a bit seduced by the fact that I got to use such expensive cosmetics.

A quick joke: My son was watching while I unpacked the Sisley products. The prices of the full size products was given on the card that came with the box. They were really expensive. I thought it would be a good math lesson to calculate the value of the samples. When we discovered that one of the really small tubes was worth R449 my son looked at it and said: ”For that price it should give you a superpowers.” I replied that it did have a superpower. He wanted to know what it was and I said: “It keeps you young.” He did not look impressed and said: “For that money it should at least make you fly.”

There was a lot of “look at the Amazing Sisley box” blog posts around at the time. I agreed with all the bloggers. It was a lovely treat and a marvelous box. I decided to use the products a bit before writing a review rather than reviewing it when I just received the boxes; hence only posting now. There will eventually be a review of each of the products. I will start with the eye and lip balm.

I quote from Sisley:  It is specifically formulated to effectively address the appearance of fine lines, skin dryness and under-eye puffiness.  Formulated to protect the most delicate, mobile parts of the face, Eye and Lip Contour Balm helps to smooth and moisturise the skin around the eyes and lips, prevent the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, fight skin dryness and provides comfort and refreshment.  Smooth on Eye and Lip Contour Balm with fingertips with light patting around the eyes and lips.

I find it hard to review whether anti-aging products actually work. To be perfectly honest, I am not sure whether I have seen any reduction in lines with anything, ever. This balm I will give the benefit of the doubt. I think the puffiness and dark circles under my eyes are better when I use it. But it is subtle. And I might be wrong. I do not think any of my fine lines are improved.

Sisley is available exclusively at the following Edgars Stores: Sandton, Melrose Arch, Clearwater, Woodlands, Gateway and V&A.
Here are some reviews of the Sisley eye cream.

Short summary: It did not do much. And it is really really expensive. I think you can spend your money on something more worthwhile. 

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