Friday, 7 June 2013

Kiehl's series Nr 9: Cucumber herbal alcohol free toner

This toner is for all skin types.  I have to confess, until I started using the sample toner I received I have not been using a toner.  I simply cannot see how a toner makes any difference to my face, so I sometimes buy a toner, but do not use it every day and eventually stop using it altogether.
I also am not really sure how to evaluate a toner, since I cannot see what it does.  But I will give this one a try.
The toner is called a cucumber toner, but cucumber extract is almost the last ingredient on the ingredients list.  There are a lot of other herbal ingredients higher up in the list, such as witch hazel extract, aloe leaf juice, camphor, chamomile  and kiwi fruit extract.  It makes you wonder why this is a cucumber toner and not a kiwi fruit toner?  This is an alcohol free toner.
Kiehl's calls it the mildest of their toners and says it is non-drying and alcohol free.  It is meant for all skin types, particularly dry or sensitive skins.  It had a mildly astringent effect, but did not irritate my skin at all.  I guess that is exactly what you want a toner to do.

I noticed some dirt on the cotton wool after using this, but not much.  Kiehl's says it is balancing, and "Leaves skin soft, clean and toned with a beautiful elegant after feel." 
A nice toner, but I am not sure I would be buying it soon.  (But then again, I do not buy toner!)  I liked the smell. 
Here is a review by someone else.

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