Monday, 3 December 2012

Revlon Top Speed Nail Enamel

I love nail polish.  I like wearing it not only because I like it, but because it can hide many sins.  I often have paint or ink or grout (I tiled a large part of my house in the evenings over a few months – trust me tiling is hell on hands and nails) under my nails.  I can either paint them or struggle to get them perfectly clean.  I often choose to paint them.
I have never used Revlon nail polish before.  I wished I did.  I will definitely buy it again.  This product is amazing.  It goes on smoothly and lasts and lasts.  If you do not garden or tile, you almost get a week out of it. 
The colour I tried is a bit odd.  It is called lingerie pink, is very visible and I am not sure that it goes with my skin tone.  It felt a bit Barbie-ish for me.  Maybe if you are very pale it would look better than on my slightly tanned hands.   The colour is also very light and needed 3 coats to give an even cover.  And I think the polish got a bit thick with 3 coats, thus scratching more easily. 
Summary – Lingerie Pink :  No
Revlon Top Speed – A resounding YES !

After a week of wear

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