Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Smudge charcoal waterproof khol liner

Smudge is a cosmetic range sold in Clicks.  This Kohl eyeliner is amazing.  It is meant to create a smoky eye.  The eyeliner is really soft and slides on easily.  It is so soft and smooth and easy to blend.  On this photo I only wear the eye liner (and a tiny bit of white eye shadow) and a tiny line of black liquid eye liner and mascara).  I could easily only wear this eye liner blended well.  I have never used an eyeliner that blended this easily.
There is one downside.  The first time I wore it I noticed large raccoon lines under my eyes after about two hours.  I guess something that goes on this easily also smudges easily below the eye.  Maybe this should only be worn on the top eye lid.

PS:  This is the first time ever I tried to take photos of my eye makeup.  I am working on it.
This is the only review I could find of smudge eye liners

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