Thursday, 13 September 2012

The best shoes in town

This started as a beauty blog, but I am going to deviate to share with you my favourite shoes.  I guess shoes and beauty go together.  I am not much of a fashionista.  I prefer my shoes comfortable over pretty any day.  But I do love a certain combination of comfort and beauty - I guess it could be described as very comfortable shoes that are pretty enough.  They are called Froggie shoes.

Froggie shoes are made in South Africa.  There is a giant factory store in Durban.  The factory store is a little bit cheaper than the stores, and sometimes offers specials such as buy 3 and only pay for two.  But the best attraction of the factory store is that it is enormous and has a large variety of shoes; much bigger than their stores in the shopping malls.   Since they carry old stock as well as almost new stock, it is also one of the only places in Durban where you can buy boots in summer.  (I once desperately had to buy boots for a January trip to the US in the middle of the South African summer.)

My selection of (dirty) Froggie shoes
The shoes are made of leather and are so so comfortable.  I kid you not.  You can wear high heels  all day and not have sore feet.  These shoes also last and last and last.   I have not yet thrown away a broken pair of Froggie shoes.  The only damage I have had has been scuff marks at the front.
They sell school shoes as well, which they claim support a growing child’s foot better than hard shoes.  It is called the barefoot science range and the soles are completely flexible.  The school shoes are expensive.  I would love to buy these for my children, but have not done so, yet. 
They have a tiny selection of men’s shoes.  I bought my husband the only pair they had and he was in love with the shoes.  It might not be the most snazzy pair of shoes ever (but my husband is not a good dresser at all.  I try !),  He claims it is as comfortable as going barefoot.  (His nickname in high school was “Barefoot” because he hated to wear shoes.)

The combination of comfort and beauty cannot be beaten.  And we should all support good home grown initiatives. 
Froggie shoes are sold in small Froggie shops all over Durban malls, and elsewhere in KwaZulu-Natal.  I am sure that I have seen Froggie shoes being sold in Woolworths under a Woolworths label (cheaper than in Froggie stores)  I could be wrong.  And then of course, there is the factory store.  Whenever my female friends and family come to visit Durban, they all insist on a visit the Froggie factory store. 


  1. Where is the froggie factory ??

  2. Durban Store – Springfield

    Shop 113, Springfield Retail Centre
    2 Ilala Avenue
    Phone: +27 31 263 0043
    Operating Hours:
    Mon – Fri: 9am – 5pm
    Sat: 9am – 4pm
    Sun: 9am – 2pm