Friday, 5 July 2013

June 2013 Rubybox

What was in the box? 

Alilia lipstick, a full size. 
It is really nice.  Very moisturizing, and also quite matt.  The colour is very rich and it lasted well.  It went on very smoothly.  And it tasted nice.  I really like this lipstick, and I was really needing a new lipcolour, so this was a nice addition to the box.  There is no colour name on the lipstick.  The card says bright red, but I would rather call this pink or fuchia, not red.  The colour is a bit out there, very fuchsia and bright.  All in all, a winner.  Already made the box worth it.

Revlon colorsilk, luminista in dark golden brown.  Full size.
I can see how this could cause some complaints.  Not everyone colours their hair and not everyone would like this specific colour if they did colour their hair.  Rubybox always claim that the boxes are packed according to your beauty profile.  However, I often cannot see how some of the products I am sent relate to the questions I completed.  This one is different.  They know that I colour my hair and that I am a brunette.  So sending me this specific hair colour suits me perfectly.  I would be curious to know if everyone got hair colour and whether everyone got this specific colour, or whether only people who indicated that they colour their hair got hair colour.  This one is a definite win in my book.  I will use it and I am glad I got it.

Ponds all in one even tone expert BB cream.  Three small sample sachets
I am keen to use and try BB creams.  I have only ever tried the Garnier BB cream (also from a Rubybox).  I am thus happy to try this one as well.  Ponds is a very cheap brand, which I have used years ago and did not like much.  I do hope their BB cream is better.  I wish we could get to try some of the higher end BB creams.  I am no price snob, but it is easier to buy myself a ponds BB cream (since it costs only R89) than to buy myself a chanel BB cream for example.  Another win, hopefully.   All three sachets are medium, I hope the colour will work. 

Rubybox tools duel sharpener
I have a sharpener for my pencils.  I am not sure whether I am happy to get another one.  Two brushes are better than one; but I am not sure whether two sharpeners are better than one?  Rubybox sells a set of tools.  Except for the eye lash curler, which I really really wanted, I think I own the complete set now. 

I calculate the value of this box to be about R262.  All (except one thing) things that I would really use.  Sadly, no perfume this time. 

Thank you Rubybox, this was a winner.  And I received it on the 5th of the month, no delays.
I have found a review by Pink Peonies , Becoming you and an unboxing by Rubybox and a Review by Rubybox themselves.  (This last review answers my question about the hair colour.)

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