Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Cuticle care

My mother gave me a Revlon nail care set years and years ago.  In this set were a few nail care tools, among them one thing I would never have known to use otherwise.  It looks like this: 

I develop tiny hard growths next to my nails.  These things hurt.  You can cut them with a nail clipper, but it works so much better with this handy tool.  Just make sure you cut against the growth and it is easy to remove them.  If you cut in the wrong direction you can sometimes cut into the skin next to your nail, which hurts.  Put it close to your skin and move the sharp end away from you, cutting the cuticle perfectly. 
Amazing little tool.  I wish I knew what it was called.

The photos are not very good.  The first one tries to show the hard growths next to my nails and the second tries to show how you use the tool, except that the tool needed to have the growth in the middle.

Definitely recommended.

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